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Effective January 1, 2017, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is: $.53.

2017 JO & Xcel Update (April, 2017 USAGym)

Warm-up Time Chart (2017)

Judges Pay Sheet (2017)

2016 Technical Updates from Linda Mulvihill 

2016 JO Update (BLE, 6/26/2016)

2016 Xcel Update (BLE, 6/26/2016) 

July 2016 J.O. Compulsory Updates (7/2016)

July 2016 J.O. Compulsory Updates Errata (7/2016)

2013-2021 Compulsory Q & A (6/24/15)

Practice Judging in Oregon
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Please visit our Want to Judge? page for more information or contact our New Judge Coordinator, Staci Greene.

Judging Test in Hillsboro/Portland OR August 12th register on the USA-GYM website.

Already an Oregon judge and can't access the site?
Contact Holly Parker.

Already a judge and/or moving to Oregon?  
Contact Lynn McCaffrey, State Judging Director.

National Junior Olympic Committees notes  from: 

 Tom Koll July 2016-

The Committees discussed avoiding having compulsory and optional re-certification during the same year. The current optional cycle will be extended to 2018. In 2018, all optional (Levels 6-10) judges will be required to retest. A National/USA Brevet course will be conducted in 2018. New compulsories will be presented in 2021. There will be changes to timer - type vaults for Level 7 starting in the 2018-2019 season. 

Spring 2017 Newsletter 

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Xcel Winter 2017 Newsletter (D. Palmer)

Upcoming CPE Clinics

CPE'S - Due May 31st, 2017

June 24th & 25th - Region 2 Congress Lacy WA

July 29th - State Clinic Grants Pass

August 18-20th - National Congress Anaheim CA


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